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Integrated Sports Performance


Integrate the separate disciplines into a complex whole to optimise performance outcomes. I research the realms of motor learning & control and its consequences for our sports training approaches.  This knowledge is combined with enthusiasm and passion for movement and people.

Move your mind


Ultimateinstability® is where my passion and enthusiasm result into concepts and eventually products that enhance and optimise performance for top athletes and everyday people. “It starts with a thought, an intention. To move from A to B. Action is needed to make your move.”

Training and Lectures


I’m responsible for development and execution of an integrated performance curriculum created around the four tracks – mindset, nutrition, movement and recovery at KNBSB. Also, I provide lectures around Integrated Sports Performance and how to optimise performance outcomes for elite athletes.

"I found Paul to be an enthusiastic and motivated professional who gained the respect of the coaches and athletes he worked with. He has developed a very strong understanding of strength and conditioning, both in technical supervision and in programming, and also in biomechanical review of technique. I would highly recommend Paul for any role in the sporting environment as I believe he would add value to any team he became part of."

Robert Medlicott - NSW Institute of Sport

"Innovative, eager to learn and enthusiastic are just a few words that come to my mind when I think about Paul. I met Paul during my internship at NOC*NSF where he managed me directly and was particularly impressed by Paul’s innovative training methods. In addition, Paul’s ability to transfer difficult concepts into easy understandable words are a true asset for any position requiring the transfer of knowledge."

Bas Van Hooren - NOC NSF